Golden Manifest Bath Soak

Golden Manifest Bath Soak

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This minty, citrus-smelling soak combines cleansing natural salts, dried chamomile & essential oils to help soothe and cleanse your body and mind.

Natural rock salt and pink Himalayan salt help cleanse and draw out impurities, whilst Epsom salt helps sooth tired muscles and replenish the body with magnesium.

Refreshing spearmint and fruity essential oils promote motivation and inspiration to help you manifest your dreams into reality!

Each soak lasts 2-3 baths, and comes in a resealable pouch.

Free from artificial dyes and fragrances.

To use: Add 2 tablespoons to a warm bath, or use as a foot soak.

Ingredients: Himalayan pink salt, Epsom magnesium salt, natural rock salt, dried chamomile, lemon, sweet orange and spearmint essential oils.

Our Golden Manifest range contains small amounts of lemon essential oil – avoid exposure to sunlight and UV rays for at least 12 hours after applying product to avoid photosensitivity.

Size: 280g